Who I can help:

Designers in the San Francisco Bay area who others have said no to. I say yes to your dream. Once you are my client you get access to all my knowledge, resources and creativity. Nothing will be held back

  • Clothing, shoe designers
  • Clothing designers who are unhappy with fit and don't know how to fix it.
  • Creative people with an idea for a new product who need practical help turning it into reality.
  • Industrial Designers

Poole Fashion Group is dedicated to providing designers and manufacturers with:

  • Up to date style and merchandising expertise
  • Patterns that fit and fit together
  • Resources for producing their designs

Please see our Services Page for current client projects.

First, I consult with clients to determine their needs. Then I provide the following as needed:

  • Resources for Manufacturing both domestic and off-shore
  • Merchandising and Style Consulting
  • Technical Design
  • Blocks
  • Samples
  • Measurement Specifications
  • Tech packs

Learn Fashion Design

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You have a dream of seeing your clothes, walking down the street, toward you. First they need to be purchased in a store or on line. And before that they need to be created and produced in a way that makes enough money for you to be able to do it again.

You don't have $30,00 to $50,000 to pay for fashion design school.

Don't despair, many, many successful designers did not go to an expensive school. Go to this website, sign up and you will learn fashion design in an affordable, easy way.