About Poole Fashion Group:

Kathleen works with companies getting styles ready for production and putting manufactures together with contractors both domestic and off shore. She travels to Asia performing quality control to assure the results are what today's discerning retail customer requires in their clothing.

Our Business Serves Northern California and the West:

We know the fashion business in the Bay Area has changed and smaller companies are a vital force today. Design and production fulfillment are a particular challenge to today's designers and we will work with you to facilitate both requirements.

There are many local, Bay Area garment industry professionals who are interested in doing contract work for you. Shipping from Asia has become more expensive than it was four years ago. I'll find the right contractor to sew prototypes and production for you.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Women's sportswear and Dresses, Girls Sportswear and Dresses
  • Men's Sportswear
  • Men's Italian Quality Suits
  • Outerwear
  • Embroidery and embellishment
  • Attractive Women's shoes with comfort technology

Who We Are:

Kathleen Poole has over 20 years experience working in San Francisco's Fashion Industry. She supervised design workrooms at several companies. Her specialty was creating first and production patterns. She has CAD experience engineering and grading production patterns. She also has experience working with contractors assuring cutting, sewing and finishing quality.

Kathleen's recent trip to China has expanded her ability to assure production quality at affordable prices. There are several contractors eagerly waiting for her call to talk about your production needs.

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