• Blocks, Patterns, Tech Packs
  • Manufacturing Resources and Support
  • Style and merchandising expertise
  • Medical Device Sewing Projects

Current Projects:

  • Men's Italian Quality Suits
  • Attractive Woman's Shoes with Comfort Technology. We are determined that those are not mutually exclusive terms.


  • We have a comprehensive selection of blocks for Women's Wear.
  • Bodice and Blouse Blocks: Perfectly balanced. Large sizes are especially flattering.
  • Pants: European fit with a short front crotch and a long back crotch. These pants have a great fit and look good on everyone.

Sourcing in China

Kathleen attended the International Women's Apparel & Fashion Accessories Trade Fair in Shanghai, January 10-12. January 15-14 she attended Hong Kong Fashion week at the Hong Kong Convention Center. She met with many manufactures that have their Quality System Certificate, low to medium production requirements and very high quality production results. Their price quotes are reasonable as well.

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